Programs & Services

LISTEN meets the need. As a direct result of our community’s generosity, Upper Valley children, seniors, families, and individuals receive a warm meal, fuel for their homes, holiday presents for their children, and life skill education to help them transition to successful independent living. LISTEN does not rely on state or federal funding. It is our connected community—donating groceries, clothing or money—that ensures that when our neighbors are in need, we have the resources to respond.

Now and then things happen beyond our control: an unforeseen event such as a family medical emergency, loss of a job, or unprecedented heating and housing costs. As government funding evaporates, Upper Valley residents living in both New Hampshire and Vermont depend upon LISTEN to “bridge the gap.”



Call (603) 448-4553 to schedule an appointment with a LISTEN Community Services crisis counselor.

Hours: 9AM – 5PM, Mon-Fri
For After Hours Assistance, Dial 211.

Community Dinners

LISTEN’s hearty three-course community dinners are served FREE of charge to the public at 5 PM, Monday-Saturday. Doors open at 4 PM. Call (802) 698-8764 between 3 PM and 6 PM Monday-Saturday for information about our dinners.



Call (603) 448-4553 or e-mail 

Food Pantry

LISTEN’s food pantry supplies qualifying households in our service area with 1-2 weeks of groceries each month. We also have a personal care room for toiletries.

Heating Helpers

Winter is long and cold. Warmth is essential—especially living in the Upper Valley. High heating bills create anxiety. Government assistance is often inadequate. LISTEN’s Heating Helper Program protects seniors and families from having to choose between warmth, food, and other essentials. LISTEN can provide an emergency delivery of fuel, assistance to prevent an electric disconnect, and referrals to other programs and resources.

Housing Helpers

Whether getting back on your feet after a job loss or getting into a new apartment, coming up with the 1st month’s rent, security deposit or missed mortgage payment can be a daunting task. LISTEN’s Housing Helpers program provides grants to our neighbors in need.

Summer Camp Scholarships

LISTEN provides children from low income households the lifetime benefits of a summer camp experience. We provide 100% of camp tuition for approximately 300 children living in the Upper Valley who would like a summer camp experience but whose families cannot afford the expense.

Holiday Baskets

Reaching out is important all year round and it is especially heartwarming during the holiday season. For some the holidays are a challenging time. LISTEN Holiday Baskets provide 5 new items of clothing for children and seniors in addition to a grocery store gift card.

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