Housing Helpers

Whether getting back on your feet after a job loss or getting into a new apartment, coming up with the 1st month’s rent, security deposit or missed mortgage payment can be a daunting task. LISTEN’s housing helper program provides qualifying Upper Valley residents with a 0% interest housing loan.

In FY14, LISTEN loaned $46,141 to households to help 339 people stay in their homes or get into an apartment.


  • Your move needs to be in our service area
  • Income qualifications; see appointments
    • You must have a source of income
  • You cannot have an outstanding housing helper loan
  • You need the name and phone number of your landlord, apartment manager or mortgage company.  Payments are submitted directly to the company.

Payment plans for our 0% APR loans are flexible and are based on your ability to pay. A LISTEN counselor will work with you to determine if a loan can be provided. The loan amount will also be determined by a counselor, but loans max out at $400 per household. An appointment is not a guarantee for a loan.

NEED Help? CALL (603) 448-4553 to discuss qualifications and availability.

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