Food Pantry

LISTEN’s food pantry supplies qualifying households in our service area with 1-2 weeks of groceries each month. We also have a personal care room for toiletries.

In 2014, LISTEN spent $33,285 on food for community dinners and the food pantry. 575 unique households received assistance from the pantry.


Vickie prepares a food pantry.

3 bags of groceries can save a household $90.

Need help?  Call (603) 448-4553

LISTEN relies on food drives and donations to keep the pantry in stock. We get wholesale pricing to ensure cash donations are maximized.

Interested in volunteering or putting together a food drive? Check out our volunteer page.

Top 5 Needed Items:

  1. Canned Soups
  2. Canned Fish/Tuna
  3. Pasta Sauce
  4. Canned Vegetables
  5. Canned Fruit
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