Our Mission & Vision

LISTEN provides services and support to meet the critical needs of Upper Valley individuals and families.

A Note from LISTEN’s Executive DirectorMtnView-ListenStaff-031

The Upper Valley, consisting of vibrant towns on both sides of the Connecticut River, is unique in its diversity. We are enriched by the presence of an Ivy League College, one of the finest medical centers in New England, as well as a viewshed that is unrivaled. In a hyper-competitive national culture, we have preserved the principles that this country was founded upon.

Our citizens truly care about one another. The Upper Valley is a community of abundance. Needs such as housing, food, warmth, mentoring and family support are not always “visible.” It takes a connected community to ensure that when our neighbors are in crisis, we have the resources to respond. The recession still heavily impacts households that never needed to ask for assistance in the past. Listen is their safety net. We envision a community connected by and supportive of the process of “neighbor helping neighbor”.

LISTEN does not rely on state or federal funding. We are fortunate to have generous, loyal donors, volunteers and shoppers. With your help, we can continue to meet the need.

With deepest appreciation,
Merilynn Bourne
Executive Director

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